Orgrim Doomhammer
Character information
Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation Frostwolf clan
Former Affiliation
Status Alive
Other information
Appearances Warcraft: The Beginning
Portrayed by Robert Kazinsky

"For orcs there is no other life but war. "
—Orgrim Doomhammer

Orgrim Doomhammer is an Orc male.


Warcraft: The BeginningEdit

Wielder of the mighty Doomhammer, Orgrim is fiercely loyal to his Chieftain Durotan.

In the gamesEdit

In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Orgrim Doomhamer is from the Blackrock clan and drank the Blood of Mannoroth, thus turning his skin color green.


  • Orgrim is nearly 7 feet tall.[1]
    • As such, he hasn't been shown with his black-plate armor so far in the promotional pictures.


External linksEdit

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