Stormwind City
Background Information
Type Kingdom
Location Southern region of the Eastern Kingdoms
Capital Stormwind City
Ruler King Llane Wrynn I
Other Information
Other names Kingdom of Azeroth
Inhabitants Humans
Spoken Languages Common

Stormwind is one of the greatest human kingdoms in Azeroth, bordering Kaz Modan to the north and the Great Sea to the west. It is currently ruled by King Llane.


Originally settled by descendants of the Arathi, Stormwind flourished to become one of the greatest human kingdoms in Azeroth.


  • When the kingdom was first introduced in the games, it was called "Kingdom of Azeroth". The first instance of "Kingdom of Stormwind" appeared in Of Blood and Honor, but "Azeroth" was still used in the subsequent games and books.

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